I blame the scale. I thought the reason I didn’t see the results is because I didn’t stick to the program. Then I started thinking…..why don’t I stick to the program. I blame the scale. The scale is to blame.

Exhibit A



Please take a look at what I am faced with everyday. A few times a day. I get on the scale, it gives me a report and lets me know whether or not I’ve been wasting my time for the past few days….or hours.

What normally happens: I get on the scale can’t believe I’ve gained so much weight and then I decided to do something about it. Then I choose a program (no meat, or no carbs, or  juicing, or WW, or Body by Vi, etc) and then for the next few days I stick to the  program getting on the scale every day……yes…everyday!

If the scale doesn’t show what I want or expect after a few days of STARVING (read as eating like a normal person) then I think what’s the point? If the results are exceeding my expectations I then think it’s okay to introduce a few (read as a TON) of treats to the plan.


I think it’s obvious that the scale is to blame right?!!!


Okay. Let’s get real, the scale isn’t to blame, but it is  a problem…for me. I need to re-commit myself to the work and not the results. I KNOW what works. I just need to continue to do it until I don’t need to do it anymore. What does the scale matter? It doesn’t really. If the scale said 207.2lbs, but I didn’t have the fat belly, arms, thighs, etc that I actually have now…I wouldn’t care about the scale. It’s not the scale that’s important…..it’s the body! I want my body to look the way I want my body to look.

I started this blog in October of 2013 and I that time I was 204lbs. I am now 207.2lbs. I’m not a mathematical genius, but that is definitely going in the wrong direction. I said I wanted to do a 30 day challenge. Just something I could stick to for 30 days. Something that would have a positive impact in my life. I thought of lots of things I could do or things I’d like to be able to do. I decided ……..


I will NOT get on the scale for the next 30 days….actually 31. I was on the scale this morning…

207.2 lbs.  I won’t get on the scale again until August 1. I’m not saying that this will work. I think I will have more success this month than in the past 8 months.


So there you go…..I realize I focus on the scale more than I focus on the habits that can have the greatest impact on the scale so….I have to remove the distraction. We’ll see how it goes!


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