I don’t understand why people are surprised of an outcome when they are fully aware of the input.

I am not surprised I have’t lost weight. Do you know why? Because I  have pretty much eaten everything within a 50 mile radius with a calorie count of at least 5000 calories per servings (with second helpings!). As far as exercise is concerned…..does napping count? How about walking from the couch to the kitchen, bathroom and/or the car?….no?

I am not surprised and I shouldn’t be either.  Here are just a few questions people might want to ask themselves when they don’t get the outcome they want, but before they are “surprised”.

Outcome: I feel disconnected from God.

Question: When’s the last time you prayed, or read the word or heard a word?


Outcome: I don’t have any friends.

Question: Are you friendly? Do you invite people to hangout? Do you show up when you are invited to hangout? Are you a friend?

friend hangout

Outcome: I don’t have any money.

Question: Do you have a budget that you stick to? Do you shop when you should save?


Outcome: I never have time to…..(fill in the blank)

Question: Are you scheduling time to do whatever is you want to do?


Outcome: I’m not married.

Question: Do you leave the house? Are you dating? Do you go to places where you can meet marriage material?


I think you get the point. I realize sometimes we are in a difficult season…a winter…in different areas of our lives and we are doing the best we can.

HOWEVER, many of us are “surprised” we didn’t get the outcome we desired when we know we didn’t put in the work necessary to get the desired outcome……why then are you surprised?

Don’t be surprised…put in the work or don’t…but be real about the outcome you expect.

I plan to put in work!!!


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