I can tell you need prayer just by looking at you. Don’t try to deny it…it’s written all over your face. I see right through that smile of yours. Oh Hunnnnny…..you definitely need some prayer.

I think many times we are in need of prayer and won’t ask the people God has placed in our lives to pray for us. If we believe that prayer changes things, then why wouldn’t we want to ask for prayer? There are several reasons we may not ask for prayer.

  1. Maybe everything is going well right now for us. We are in a season of growth and prosperity, our marriage is stronger than it’s ever been, the kids seem to be getting along okay, works going well, you’re healthy and there is money in the bank…..Why on Earth would I say you need prayer, what would you even ask for?….I mean you have everything you need. God is really blessing you right now. No….you don’t need any prayer…thanks for offering though.
  2. Maybe you don’t ask for prayer because things are going horribly wrong and you can’t believe you are still struggling with whatever it is you struggling with….God forbid your prayer partner find out you and your family are dealing with…..(fill in the blank).
  3. Maybe you are like me…..I myself was about to post a prayer request to Facebook the other day and decided against it. Why? Well….my reason is just as dumb as the one’s previously listed. I didn’t want anyone to think anything was wrong. Nothings wrong and if that’s true then why ask for prayer?  Well….let’s go back to the top.


How could I possibly know that? Well if you are alive…then you need prayer. Saying that you don’t need prayer is saying you don’t need God’s protection and/or provision in your life and we all know that’s not true. It seems crazy to me.

We as Christians can be so funny sometimes. I mean…. on Sunday morning and in bible study we talk about the power of prayer and we talk about how prayer activates the power of God in our lives. Why wouldn’t we want that when things are good and when they are terribly wrong?

From now on when someone offers to pray for me I am going to accept it.

Now look here…..don’t be ridiculous……. going around telling everyone your business. Please know everybody that knows you ain’t for you…okay?! God knows your needs and if  you don’t want to share the details with someone offering to pray just tell them God knows what you need, but to lift your name up in prayer anyway. If they have a problem with that, then…..they were just being nosey anyway!

I challenge you to pray for the people in your life. Ask them how can you pray for them. Also, ask for prayer for the small things and the big things. We serve a God who loves us and cares about every detail of  our lives.

Now….How can I pray for you today?


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