I am an emotional eater….big whoop. That is not a newsflash. I had a rough day today…I mean…it was stressful. My dog went to get neutered today. The vet called to tell me there was some issue with his blood work and that there might be a problem with his liver. First of all, getting a call during school from a doctor the day of surgery is NOT fun. I was panicked before she even said anything. The bottom line?….He would need different (more expensive) meds for surgery. Fine….he’s my dog and I LOVE him! She then tells me she will call me around noon (which I hear as BEFORE noon) to let me know how the surgery went. Well guess what? She didn’t call. I had a full teaching schedule today and couldn’t call her either. After what seemed like an eternity (about 47 minutes) she calls…Thor is recovering well.

All’s well that ends well….except for the fact that the stress stayed with me. Now I’m home craving carbs! I NEED a sandwich…or better yet a burger…or maybe some potato chips…my husband said he had a rough day today too…He’d like some ice cream. We don’t keep this type of food in the house anymore. Everyday has it’s own set of stress and we don’t need high calorie snacks staring us in the face.

I get so emotional…the food (sweet stuff, fatty-salty stuff) makes me happy. It’s like a mood stabilizer. Instead of self medicating (with food) I am going to watch TV with my 17 year old daughter and work on some lesson plans while enjoying freshly sliced pineapple!

Crisis averted!

Here’s a picture of my handsome son…”Thor Augustus Molina” Isn’t he worth all the headache?


2013-04-13 17.07.48 Puppy photo.


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