“The Big, Beautiful, Dangerous, Exhilarating, Farflung, Impossible Dream I Keep Tucked Away Is….”


IMG_2904I want to be a Mogul. A certified business mogul. I don’t know what else I could be with the number of things I would love to do. Where should I start? I would like to own (I own one now)  a publishing company that would publish great media publications. The name of my publishing company is Crowned Publishing.



IMG_2906I would like to publish a magazine for girls that would empower them to love who they are and change the world! A magazine that would show beauty on a larger spectrum. The company would publish books as well. I would love to discover the next great author for fiction and children’s books. I would love to help someone realize their dream of becoming a writer.

That is just the IMG_2907tip of the iceberg. In addition to being the CEO of a publishing company I would also be Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. I would love an opportunity to speak at conferences, schools and universities inspiring young women and girls to go after their dreams. I wouldn’t just talk about it but have programs in place to aid in their success. I believe there are so many great ideas that never come to fruition because we just don’t know where to start or because those that do don’t want to share their “secrets” to success. I believe that what God has for me is for ME. Helping someone else achieve their dreams won’t hinder the blessings that have my name on it.

I would like to oversee a clothing line for girls as well. One that is affordable and modest. Showing girls that they can look FIERCE and not show so much skin! Age-appropriate styles that they can feel confident in.

Last but certainly not least. I want to be a talk-show host. I have so many opinions about so many things I would love a platform to share my opinions with the world. Not sure why anyone, would care what I think, but we tend to like anyone on TV. I always hear the news and wonder why no one ever says the things I’m thinking. I realize not all of my thoughts are popular, but I can’t be the only one with these opinions and if I am…well that’s okay too I still would like to share it! Enlighten them, if you will. LOL!

I know this seems like a lot…that’s what makes me a future Mogul! BOOM!

Since it’s on this blog for the world to see I guess I don’t keep it tucked away anymore!!

#liberation #lifewithcourage


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