I have been dieting for a long time. At the end of the day I am UP 14lbs since I started the blog over a year ago. I am tired of spending my time and money on weight loss products and programs. Do you know what I am going to do? I’m going to do whatever I want! I want to make healthier decisions when I want to….what does that mean? It means I will eat a salad when I feel like eating a salad, I will eat a burger and fries when I feel like a burger and fries! I’m not saying health isn’t important I’m saying for me in this season of my life I am tired of being consumed by weight loss efforts I’m just tired. So there..I am 218.2lbs and I don’t know how long this season will last. I do feel a little like I’m quitting, but I read an article in O magazine (which is always full of great advice) that sometimes it’s better to be a quitter. I think I will be a quitter.

Now does that mean I’m going to quit working out? YES!!! I will NOT be working out either. I will continue dancing though. I mean I LOVE dancing. I will look for more opportunities to dance because I LOVE it not because I need to lose weight.

I don’t know how a health guru would feel about this decision, but I think for my happiness and overall emotional and mental health this is the best thing for me. I will still be completing the training needed to become a dance fitness instructor. For ZUMBA by the way it’s only like a few hundred dollars and like a 8 hour course. I could totally do that.

You’ll still get to see pictures of me as I definitely enjoy taking pictures and plan to continue to live my life with courage. I will make a weight update every 60 days or so unless something major happens.

Back to living my life!!!


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