“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” -Confucius

So often when we start on the business of changing our lives we believe that if the progress isn’t quick then it’s not worth doing. That’s just not true. We all know the story of  “The Tortoise and the Hare”….we learned the lesson as children that “slow and steady wins the race”. Why then as adults do we give up because we aren’t moving fast enough? Don’t get me wrong it is important to set a goal and to challenge yourself, but progress is just that….PROGRESS.

If you are like me then you have probably spent much of your life..starting and stopping…starting and stopping. Every time I restart on the journey I think about how much further I would be if I had only stayed the course…”slow and steady”.

What causes us to stop?….Frustrations, life’s interruptions, work, family, illness….someone else’s success?

I realize that life happens…BUT we have to get right back to work…we can’t let an interruption, or hurdle make us throw in the towel altogether. We must PRESS FORWARD! MARCH ON! CARRY ON!

Frustrations occur when our reality does not match our expectations. You expected something and in the end it’s NOT what you got…:-(


Life’s interruptions come in the form of work obligations, family obligations and sickness that you didn’t plan for….which causes frustrations!


Sometimes we take our eyes off our own progress and start checking out what’s going on in the lane next to us….it seems that EVERYONE  is doing better than us..having more success than the efforts they make (sometimes we don’t see ALL their efforts and make a judgement without all the information). They have more family support, more resources, more opportunities, “luck”, etc. than us and their success seems somehow unfair. “Unearned” success leads to frustration.


Just keep getting better. Keep moving in the right direction. A step forward even a small one if repeated enough will get you to your goal!

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