I have a photo shoot scheduled for this week and I am very excited!! It’s not that I’ve lost so much weight, its just that I love to have my picture taken….especially when I am dressed for the occasion.

It’s important to enjoy the journey. This photo shoot is just that. It’s professional so I know I will look my best…sometimes you need to be reminded that you aren’t making the changes because you don’t like where you are, but that you just want better. There isn’t anything wrong with that.

I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I started the blog. Keeping it going this long is an accomplishment. In case you are new to the blog…I have the tendency to start something….super charged about it and then not follow through. At least that’s true for my weight loss. It’s not true for my finances. I have made great improvement in my spending/savings/budgeting. ┬áThere is still plenty room for MORE improvement, but I can definitely see the difference in my bank account. I feel better about it too. I still don’t have enough money saved for a major emergency, but a minor one wouldn’t be a crisis.

As for the book…..I haven’t really written anymore since the first time I sat down. I think I will be a little more productive during the summer. I will naturally have more time to type and think about my life and where it is going.

I think I’ve slowed down and lost some momentum because my Saturday morning meetings have turned into…Saturday morning visits with a friend or a convenient time to get my hair done! That stops now….This Saturday we will prepare for the photo shoot, but after that we will discuss business!

I need to make an appointment to fantasize a little. To see my vision…to visualize my dream life, spend time imagining what it will be like..what it will feel like..time to get re-energized…not just about the weight, but about this life with courage in general.

I need time to just…..marinate…I will be marinating on the great things to come….


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