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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”- Walt Disney

I talk to people all the time. Most of the people I talk to have great ideas, things they want to do with their life, what they believe their purpose or calling to be, but………Most of them aren’t DOING anything about it. They are just talking to me. Or they are talking to other people about what they would like to do, the type of life they would like to have….

I LOVE to talk! Talking is great…it can sometimes be motivational, inspirational. Sometimes it will re-charge you to get back to work if you’ve taken some time away from your life’s work.

Most of the time, however, and it’s unfortunate…talk is just that…talk. Many of them just want to share their hopes and dreams…wishes they aren’t sharing their plans.

Let me clear something up here with a few definitions, according to…..well…..according to me 🙂 .

Wish- noun, something you want; verb: to wish- the act of asking (not God) the universe/fairy/candles/shoot star for something you want, but you don’t feel like you will ever get it or getting it is outside of your own control.

Plan-noun, a strategy with actionable steps; verb: to plan- with wisdom, deciding what to do with what God has blessed you with by way of resources, skills, knowledge and depending on him for the outcome and the achievement of your goal.

If you have a “wish” then keep right on wishing and dreaming, but there is nothing for you to do to make that wish come true. It’s not a plan…there aren’t any steps. It’s like wishing I win the lottery, but not bothering to purchase a ticket.

If you have a plan  to use your resources, skills and knowledge to accomplish a goal then the best step to take is to just get started. If you have a goal and no plan then the next step is to get started on the planning.

Stop talking about it and start actually doing some work, research, planning, purchasing, writing…whatever it is I’m sure there is something you can do today. So go get started!!


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