God created Eve to be a suitable helper for Adam. She was formed from him. Adam acknowledged her as “bone of my bone” and “flesh of my flesh”.

“That is why a man leaves a father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become ONE FLESH.” Genesis 2:24.

Marriage is a phenomena. No really…..It is the process by which two flesh become one. It is not that they are intertwined or braided together, but that they are one flesh. It’s kinda crazy actually. I don’t know of any other human bond like it. Even the bond between a mother and child isn’t a one flesh situation. It is clearly two lives living together for the benefit of the one life.

In marriage, because the two become one there is a new identity born.  The former parts can not work independently.  To do so causes damage not only to the other parts, but to itself. If I use my right hand to cut my left arm I feel the pain. It doesn’t matter that it came from one part of me….it’s all my body. Does that make sense?

When making decisions I have to consider every part of my body. It is the same in the marriage. I often have women ask about keeping their independence….well…I guess you can be as independent from your husband as an arm can be from it’s body.

Yes the arm can do things without the entire body, but…those things are limited and the arm must give consideration to the rest of the body.

If, however, you want to remain an individual, then marriage isn’t what you are looking for…I mean the bible is crystal clear in that area….the two flesh become one. I guess you are a new individual…..being “flesh of my flesh” and all.

I don’t have a challenge at the end of this post. I just have some things for you to consider.

If you are married then you are now ONE FLESH with your spouse, the person you chose to marry. Do you behave like one flesh considering how your actions will affect every part of your body or is your “arm” acting out causing harm to other parts of the flesh?

Just food for thought……


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