Do you know it’s a lie even if nobody believes it? It’s still a lie even if you only say it to yourself.

I am not perfect. I am not without sin. Guess what? Neither are you.

I say that not to put myself down, but really as a reminder. I think sometimes when we’ve been “saved” or have accepted salvation for some time, we start to forget, not only where we come from, but where we ARE. I find it’s also true when we have reached a certain financial standing in life.

If we can remember where we are, I think it will change how we treat other people. We are all guilty of this from time to time. We see someone in a situation and wonder when they will start making better decisions or when they will stop/start a certain behavior. Basically, when are they going to get their lives in order?

Sometimes we even start to compare where we are in our walk with where they are in theirs. This is not a good strategy because it can lead to complacency in us. We get in the mindset of “Well I’m not as bad as (fill in the blank)”. It also makes you feel like you are better than the next person. Neither of those will lead you closer to God.

If we stop lying to ourselves and take a real inventory of where we really are in our prayer life and some of our secret thoughts, and hold them up to the example set by Jesus, I think we will find we are not as “perfect” as we previously believed.

Maybe you are asking yourself, why anyone would want to constantly think about their short-comings. Well friend, I hope when you start thinking about where you fall short it will point you in the right direction. The more aware we become of our short comings the more of Christ we see in our lives.

When I reflect on my life, my  skills, my shortcomings compared to the life of Jesus Christ, I am in awe by the amount of grace and mercy God has extended me. How can I then, in light of that, not want to show grace and mercy to those around me?

When I think about how I have been blessed beyond my own skill level and how I have made it through things I thought would kill me, I can see God’s power at work in my life.

When I read the blogs I’ve written and see the words of wisdom I have shared, I can see the anointing of God all over it. This means it’s not me. I mean it is, but it is not through my own strength and knowledge that I am who I am and where I am…..

It’s God.

Stop lying to yourself. You aren’t perfect. Your flesh is weak. You can’t do it all on your own. You need God!

If you acknowledge you need God then your heart will seek Him, you will thirst  and hunger for time with Him, you will praise His name because you realized you have accomplished the impossible with Him.


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