Transform your life! Start living courageously!!

The first step to transforming your life is transforming your mind, your thoughts.

Before you can even begin to set a goal you have to BELIEVE that you are worthy of that achievement and capable of being successful.

There are so many quotes that tell us we are what we think. The bible says “So a man thinketh so is he…” It means whatever you think you are you are. If you believe that you are a successful person you will be successful. IF, however, you believe yourself a loser then you are a loser. We have to change our minds before we can change our lives.

Do you want to change your life? I challenge you to write 5 affirmations  on index cards and put them on your mirror. Think about the things you don’t really believe about yourself, and write positive statement regarding those areas of your life. These are things you might not want someone else to know.

Coming to terms with your weaknesses will help you to overcome them.

imageEvery time you look in that mirror say those affirmations to yourself, aloud looking yourself straight in the eye. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but it will get easier. Every time you start to doubt yourself and the greatness you possess say those affirmations again. “They” say it takes 21 days to make a habit. Not really sure who “they” are, but we will go with it.

So 21 days, 5 affirmations, aloud to yourself in the mirror. If you need some inspiration check out the Everyday Affirmations website with more than 100 affirmations!

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