I thought I was wise. I thought I possessed wisdom. It turns out I’m just “smart”.

It’s quite disheartening for a person like me. I really like to be in the “know” about things. I want to know how things work, how people think, how they will react, best strategies to accomplish things and anything else that might improve my life experiences. I also have a strong desire to share this knowledge with others. This, however, is NOT wisdom.

If you’ve read my blog, then you know that I really know a lot of “stuff”. I seem so wise. I enjoy being viewed that way too. I follow Tiphani Montgomery on periscope (if you don’t know who she is you should definitely check out her website and follow her on all her social media platforms). She is amazing!! If I inspire and motivate you, then you should follow her too, because she inspires and motivates me! I digress….

Anyway, she always talks about being in the wisdom business and I thought to myself, so am I. People often come to me for honest advice. I’ve been told I give great advice. Guess what? Having knowledge and sharing it with others does not make you wise!

What makes a person wise? What are the characteristics of wisdom?

Wisdom is acquired through the application of knowledge to your life. It is through those first-hand experiences we truly become wise.

I’ve been reading more lately to acquire more knowledge. I want to be knowledgable so that I can change my life and encourage others to change their lives as well. I realized this morning (while searching high and low for a very important document) that I don’t live out wisdom in my own life. If I did, I wouldn’t have been on my ┬áhands and knees searching for something I needed for my morning meeting. I would have know exactly where it was located.

That’s where my revelation took place. On my hands and knees. I often pray asking God to reveal to me areas of my life that need change or where I need to go to the next level, step out on faith. I’ve found that He is very faithful and will answer my prayers. I only need to be open to hearing His response. It wasn’t a voice; it was just a prompting in my spirit. Instead of fighting that prompting, I allowed it to have it’s way and many things were revealed to me, brought back to the forefront of my mind.

All of the great advice I’ve given friends and family regarding debt, finances, organization, self management, bible study they have taken and I’ve seen their lives and situations improve. I, however, have yet to move forward in some of those areas myself. I realize I’ve just been smart.

Don’t worry, I’m not beating myself up about it….I do feel some type of way right now and that way aint good!

That being said I know what needs to be done (don’t I always). The question remains, will I do it?


Today starts my training in wisdom. Today I will apply all that knowledge to my situation and watch my life change and improve. This is the life I was called for to incite people for the life God has called them for. How much more effective will God’s words of wisdom be through the life of a person who has heeded that wisdom in her own life.

It makes me laugh just thinking about this…..Imagine me walking into a gym to meet a personal trainer and this overweight woman walks about and introduces herself. She tells me she has a great nutrition and exercise plan made for me. Do you think I would recieve that information well? No ma’am, no ham I would NOT!

Her size and health doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the knowledge, it does provide evidence that she may not have the experience.

This isn’t about judgment; it’s just about truth.

I challenge you to do some self reflecting today. Have you been gathering knowledge? To what end? Having you been dishing out all this great knowledge to others? Well….I’d like to challenge you to serve yourself first! Apply that knowledge to your own life as you inspire others to do the same.

I plan to do the same!!!


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