Your situation doesn’t really matter when it comes to the future.

I know sometimes the situation we find ourselves in can keep us from doing lots of things….in that moment.

The thing that matters more than your situation as it relates to your future is your outlook.  Let’s explore this by taking a look at the lives of two people with completely different outlooks on life. Let’s call them Pam and Nelly.


Pam has always had a positive outlook  on life. She believes things will eventually workout for the best no matter the situation. Her husband was recently laid off and the loss of his income has caused a strain on their finances. As a result, they have had to cut back on many items of convenience  and things they have become accustomed to having. They still have a home, food on the table and they still have their health. Pam doesn’t spend her time thinking about the things they’ve had to give up she thinks about how much they have enjoyed in the past and the things they still have to enjoy. Everyday she is looking for the silver lining. Instead of going out to fancy dinners, she makes more dinners at home and has tried some new recipes. They had to cancel their vacation to visit their family. They were all disappointed about it, too. She did some research and they are going to enjoy the local attractions right in their town. She wants things to go back to the way they were before because it was easier that way, but she know that God will make a way and while in this season she will make the most of what they do have.


Nelly has always had a negative outlook on life. She knows that life is not a fairytale. Even when things are going well she can’t really enjoy them because she knows something horrible will happen sooner or later.  Just like she predicted something horrible did happen. Her husband was laid off. She is very upset and just knows they will be evicted if he doesn’t find a job soon. The loss of his income has made things nearly impossible for them. She spends most of her day wondering about where they will live and how they will eat when the money runs out. Now they have to cancel their vacation to visit their families which is just so unfair because they were really looking forward to it. Nothing every works out the way she plans anyway so what’s the point of even trying. She doesn’t understand what she did to deserve this punishment. She tries to be a good person, why is God doing this to her?


Now let’s compare the two situations. Both women are in the same situation. Their household has suffered a loss of income. They both need to make adjustments to their spending and can’t do all the things they have planned. Neither of these women KNOW how it’s going to workout. They could both end up in a shelter unable to feed their families. This is what we think of as the “worst-case scenario”, right?

Which home would you rather live in? Do you notice how their outlook determined their actions and not their situations?

I am sure if you think about a situation you were in and you assessed your outlook on it you can see how that outlook impacted the way you felt and the actions you took.

If we want to have a positive future we must have a positive outlook. It is that outlook that inspires and energizes us into action. This is true in every area of our lives.

If we believe we can get the job, finish school, reconcile relationships, strengthen our marriages, or grow in our faith….we will take steps towards realizing those things. If we however believe we will never get that job, never finish school, never be forgiven…..we tend to give up, even if we try….we ultimately give up if it doesn’t happen quickly enough for us.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, whatever you are hoping for I want you to remember if you change your outlook you can change the outcome.



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